Remember to forget

Hoggy is a handy application to store items with tags, notes, and rating.

Meet the hedgehog
Hoggy app mockup

How it works

something you
want to remember
the item
in the app
just like
you want to
the app will
your tag list
whenever you want to

Is hoggy for me?

Do you like having your stuff organized? Hoggy allows you to keep all items you want to save within one handy application. Are there many things you want to remember? You can no longer worry about forgetting all those things when you have Hoggy at hand. Are you annoyed with all notes in several random places? Now you only need to open Hoggy and everything is there.

Case study

I have so many movies to watch! Every time I hear about ‘a masterpiece I should have seen a long time ago’ I note it down. When it comes to the choice for a lazy evening… I have no idea where my notes are.

how to rate

Why do I keep forgetting my perfect ideas for presents when birthday shopping is coming? Should I stand by those boring socks and cologne again? I feel so disappointed with myself.

insert a pic

I love good food. Once I find a great place with nice breakfast options, I stick with it. However, life is too short! I wish I could remember all those bars and restaurants I passed by recently when it comes to another breakfest choice.

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